Nature Photography: Land of the Frozen Cactus

February 4th, 2011

Here in Tucson, we have been experiencing a weather spell that would be better suited for northern climes.

We're talking daytime highs that barely make it past the 40-degree mark. And the nighttime lows? Well below freezing.

A couple of mornings ago, the wind chill made the air feel like it was four degrees above zero. (Yes, I am writing this paragraph in Southern Arizona.)

I wasn't sure how my camera would work under bitterly cold conditions. So, I waited until yesterday morning, when the temperature had risen to near the freezing mark.

Didn't have too far  to go  before I found my first weather casualties: These prickly pear cactus were bestowed on me as a housewarming present back in 2005. And grow they did -- until this week...

Nature photography - freeze-damaged prickly pear cactus in Tucson, Arizona

Tip: You can view more nature photography in my portfolio.

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