Photo Essay: Chester County Spring

March 20th, 2012

During a recent visit to eastern Pennsylvania, I experienced something I hadn't seen since the late 1980s. That would be spring coming to the Northeast.

There were the signs of imminent spring like daffodils sprouting everywhere...

Nature photography - sprouting daffodils in Chester County, Pennsylvania

The rhododendron bushes were budding...

Nature photography - budding rhododendron in Chester County, Pennsylvania

The moss was growing fresh and furry...

Nature photography - moss growth in Chester County, Pennsylvania

The streams weren't brimming over with snow melt -- eastern Pennsylvania had a pretty snow-free winter. But they were running high due to all the spring rainfall...

Nature photography - Goose Creek in Chester County, Pennsylvania

Amidst all of these signs of spring, there were the trees. Not quite ready to bud yet...

Nature photography - monkey vine on trees in Chester County, Pennsylvania

Nature photography - beech trees in Chester County, Pennsylvania

One day before I came back to Arizona, I went out to lunch with a former teacher-turned friend. After lunch, we took a walk and came upon this abandoned railroad track. This was once the Media-West Chester Line, and it took commuters to and from Philadelphia...

Nature photography - abandoned Media-West Chester Line railroad in Chester County, Pennsylvania

I don't think that a scenic line like this one should go to waste. Why not turn it into a rail trail? This could be an interesting project for the people of Chester and Delaware Counties to collaborate on. Not to mention Philadelphia. It might even create some jobs.

Update: In an earlier post, I showed a couple of very affectionate trees. I'm sorry to report that these two trees had diseased trunks and had to be cut down...

Nature photography - tree stumps in Chester County, Pennsylvania

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