Event Photography: Spring 2012 Bicycle Swap Meet

April 17th, 2012

This spring marks the debut of the Tucson Bicycle Swap Meet's new location. Now covering four city blocks instead of three, the new venue features a trolley track-free shopping experience.

Said trolley tracks are the reason for the swap meet's move. The Modern Streetcar construction project on 4th Avenue is underway -- and will be for quite some time.

Probably just as well. The swap was starting to feel a bit cramped on 4th Avenue. And those middle-of-the-street trolley tracks didn't make for a safe walking or biking experience.

Enough said about trolley tracks and construction projects. Let's enjoy one of the highlights of the Tucson Bicycle Swap Meet experience. That would be chatting with new and old friends...

Event photography - cyclists chatting at the Spring 2012 Bicycle Swap Meet, Tucson, Arizona

You may be wondering about the wheel diameter on Keener's big bike. The answer is: 36 inches, and he's used this bike in several 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo endurance races.

Let's get a closer look at this built-by-Keener creation...

Bicycle photography - 36-inch wheeled bike built by Keener, who brought it to the Spring 2012 Bicycle Swap Meet, Tucson, Arizona

Keener's bike wasn't the only unique ride at the swap meet. Care for a self-powered, four-wheel experience? Get on board the quadracycle...

Bicycle photography - quadracycle ride at the Spring 2012 Bicycle Swap Meet, Tucson, Arizona

Tucson's popular Ordinary Bike Shop is right smack in the middle of the swap meet's new venue. So, why not open the store for a Sunday sale and invite the official shop dogs to participate?

Bicycle photography - Ordinary Bicycle Shop dog at the Spring 2012 Bicycle Swap Meet, Tucson, Arizona

One of the most interesting things about the bike swap is that it doesn't just attract people from Tucson. There was quite a contingent from Mexico and other U.S. states.

Speaking of visitors, here's a cross-country bicycle tourist who just had to check out the festivities...

Bicycle photography - Bike tourist at the Spring 2012 Bicycle Swap Meet, Tucson, Arizona

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