Copywriting Portfolio

Here are 48 recent projects:

Medical center newsletter – Surgical Robotics Institute (PDF file)

Website copy for law firm – Wetzel Gagliardi Fetter & Lavin LLC
Website copy for web design and development, graphic design, and photography studio – Studio 4130
Website copy for textbook authors –
Business tutorials for creative freelancers – Tuts+

University news bureau article – Does Rain Follow the Plow?

Management college magazine article – New Accounting Faculty (PDF file)

Management college magazine article – Engineering New Paths to Entrepreneurship (PDF file)

Management college magazine article – Training Tomorrow’s Cyber Soldiers (PDF file)

Article for lumber industry trade association – Four Steps to Maintain Your Deck
Article for lumber industry trade association – How to Properly Hit the Nail on the Head
Article for lumber industry trade association – Create It: Raised Garden Bed

Employee newsletter article – Improving Patient Care with 3-D Art

Student profile – Xeridiem Recruits Team Leader
Student profile – Mr. Smith Goes to Washington
Website copy for construction company – Pate Contractors
Website copy for city economic development offices – Choose Flagstaff
Website copy for veterans’ home restoration effort – 1887 Fund

Website copy for financial planner – Jim Hannley LLC

Coffee table book – Urban Oasis

Business book and the landing page copy that promotes it  – Finance for Freelancers
Student project profile – Coming Soon: Wind Turbines in the Ductwork
Student project profile – Overcoming a Common Killer
Student project profile – Helping UA Junior Walk Again
Student project profile – Improving Feeding Tube Sensor
Student project profile – Avoiding Feeding Tube Misplacement
Student project profile – Expanding Ocean Rescue Robot Capabilities
Student project profile – Detecting Air Contamination at 30,000 Feet
Student project profile – Spot-on Slide Staining Technique

Who are my copywriting clients?

They come from all over the United States and represent a wide range of businesses and industries. To name a few:

Cisneros Design
Clark Creative
Connections Marketing & Communications
CycleClimber, LLC
Dark Horse Media
Davidson Belluso
Ted C. Earle, Economic Historian
Edible Baja Arizona
EMS Realty
Green Dot Advertising and Marketing
Green Media Creative
Jim Hannley LLC
Sandra Kay Helsel, Ph.D., Communication Strategist
Julie Originals
LP&G Marketing
Marana Mortuary & Cemetery
Marrero Publishing
Milot Marketing & Design
Pate Contractors
Perimeter Bicycling Association of America
Rae House Creative Marketing
Rancho del los Caballeros
Redman Power Chair
Regole Design
Rockable Press
Studio 4130
Summit Restoration
Thea, Singer, Songwiter, and Concert Pianist
University of Arizona College of Engineering
University of Arizona Eller College of Management
University of Arizona Department of Surgery
University of Arizona Office of University Communications